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INTEX Crystal Blue Kids Swimming Pool 66"x15"

INTEX Crystal Blue Kids Swimming Pool 66"x15"

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INTEX Crystal Blue Kids Swimming Pool 66"x15"


  • Recommended ages: 3+
  • Approximate set-up size: 66"x15"
  • Allows for 11. 5" Of water
  • Water Capacity: 127 gallons
  • Inflated dimensions 66" Diameter, 15" High Wall
  • Material heavy duty vinyl
  • 9ga (0.23mm) rings
  • 7ga (0.18mm) floor
  • Kids-friendly design
  • Rounded swimming pool
  • Three inflatable rings
  • Soft inflatable floor
  • Effortless setup
  • Convenient maintainess
  • Durable material
  • Versatile use
  • Portability
  • Safety consideration

About Product:

  • Eye-catching design: Features a fun and vibrant crystal-blue themed design that appeals to children, adding a playful touch to their swimming experience.

  • Large size: With dimensions of 66 inches in diameter and 15 inches in height, this pool offers ample space for children to splash around and enjoy aquatic activities.

  • Sturdy construction: Made from durable vinyl material, the pool is built to withstand regular use and offers reliable performance for extended periods.

  • Easy setup: Setting up the  Kids Swimming Pool is simple and straightforward, requiring minimal assembly and no tools. It can be inflated quickly for instant water fun.

  • Soft inflatable floor: The pool comes with a soft inflatable floor, providing a comfortable surface for children to sit and play while protecting them from rough surfaces.

  • Safe for kids: The pool is designed with safety in mind, featuring smooth rounded edges and a shallow water depth to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for young swimmers.

  • Versatile usage: In addition to serving as a swimming pool, makes it suitable for use as a ball pit or play area, adding to its versatility and entertainment value.

  • Portable and compact: Despite its large size, the pool is lightweight and portable, making it easy to set up and move to different locations as needed, whether indoors or outdoors.

  • UV resistant: The vinyl material used in the construction of the pool is UV resistant, ensuring that the vibrant lemon design remains bright and colorful even after prolonged exposure to sunlight.

  • Affordable price: Offers excellent value for money, providing hours of entertainment and enjoyment for children at an affordable price point.

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